By: A Sensitive Student  | 

Mail Box (Vol. 2, Issue 8)

To the Editor of the Commentator:

Dear Sir:

Last Rosh Hashanah I was one of the many Yeshiva students who preached on Social Justice as the message of Judaism.

I can not help but feel the futility and deceit of such preaching when the principles of human decency are so flagrantly violated within the walls of our own institution. Before attempting to propogate Social Justice, let us practice it.

I am referring specifically to the conditions prevailing in Gruber’s Yeshiva College Dining Room. Only one waiter works in the crowded dining room from morning to night, He is expected to do the work of a complete staff of waiters, bus-boys, plain of the poor service the proprietor heaps insults and unprintable curses upon the helpless waiter in addition to extra work.

How long will you who preach the ideals of Social Justice tolerate such abuses within your own school?