By: Irving Ribner  | 

Mail Box (Vol. 2, Issue 8)

To the Editor of the Commentator:

Mr. Hoi Polloi, in his letter of last week stated, in effect, that since Mr. Gordon was originally editor of the yearbook, and Mr. Henkin only editor of the literary supplement, the resignation of Mr. Gordon left the position of editor open. This vacancy, according to him, should have been filled by Student Council.

In reality, last year’s governing board in choosing the two editors, stipulated that in case only publication could be issued both Mr. Gordon and Mr. Henkin were to become its coeditrs. This was the decision as described to me by Simon Noveck, editor of last year’s MAsmid.

Since, considering the Masmid as a unit, the status of Mr. Gordon and Mr. Henkin was that of coeditors, it seems only logical that a case of the resignation of one, the other should automatically assume editorship of both publications.

This is exactly what happened. It only remained for Student Council to ratify Mr. Henkin;;s succession. This they did.

With regard to Mr. Hoi Polloi’s original letter allow me to point out that the constitution of Students Organizations, specifically grants the president the power to invite any person to meetings of the Student Council or to the executive committee as an adviser.

I believe that this should answer Mr. Hoi Polloi’s remarks.

IRVING RIBNER, President of Student Organization