By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

In the Right Direction (Vol. 2, Issue 8)

For many years the lives of Yeshiva College students in general, and out-of-town dormitory residents in particular, were decidedly unbalanced, die to a grave deficiency of recreation and social contacts. The lack of even a week-end leave from the building was felt by many whose lives became narrow and single-tracked.

It was evidently the duty of the college to see that its students, especially those in residence, lived a well-rounded life during the formative period of their stay at the institution. It was the duty of the college to realize that the absence of sufficient and proper diversion, and that of the proper sort, was a serious deficiency in the molding of personality.

The only opportunities for social activity, however, which did present themselves at distant intervals were not designed to meet the needs of those who needed them the most. The opening of the recreation center by the students of the college was an attempt to solve this problem partially.

And last night, with the inauguration of a series of a new type of affair to Yeshiva, class socials open to the entire student body, a great step forward was made in this direction.

Through the medium of these affairs students will be afforded an opportunity to enjoy an evening of diversion and recreation in the company of fellow students and dormitory residents, as well as faculty members. While serving as a medium of diversion, it will also serve as a medium of bringing about closer friendships and more personal relationships between the various members of the institution.

For these reasons, we feel, we can sincerely congratulate the arrangements committee for a task well begun. We trust that the future will see an even greater development of the original idea, and an even closer adaptation of its principles to the needs of our institution.