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Five Year Plan Meets Favor of the Alumni (Vol. 2, Issue 10)

A resolution endorsing the five-year plan in principle was passed at the first meeting of the Alumni Association held last Sunday evening, December 13, in the Yeshiva building.

The resolution also advised that due caution be exercised in the preparation of the plan. It was made abundantly clear that the resolution did not imply the acceptance of any haphazard program which might be hastily drawn up.

It was decided, further, to appoint a committee to negotiate with the administration and the faculty for a discussion of the deanship. The members of this committee have not as yet been appointed.

Plan Theatre Party

Although plans are still tentative, it was understood that the annual theatre party will be held February 3, at the Jewish Art Theatre, with Maurice Schwartz starring in “Jacques Bergson.”

Eli Levine, editor of the Alumni Quarterly, announced that the first issue will make its appearance in the latter part of December.

A resolution was also passed congratulating the Yeshiva upon its fiftieth anniversary.

The meeting was followed by a supper and a basketball game with the college varsity.