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Council Denounces Imposing of Five Year Plan Upon Freshmen; Demands Class Graduate In 1940 (Vol. 2, Issue 10)

At a special meeting, Student Council unanimously passed a resolution denouncing the application of the five year plan to the present Freshman class. The resolution demanded that the Freshmen be given such a program as to enable them to be graduated from Yeshiva College in June, 1940.

The resolution was voted upon after Student Council heard the report of a committee which had been investigating the matter for several weeks. In recommending this resolution, the committee called attention to the fact that most members of the Freshman class were totally unaware of the new policy until they arrived here to register. Student Council maintained that it was unfair and unjust to make the plan apply to those students who entered this fall since the policy was only introduced this year and not official announced prior to registration.

Great indignation was experienced by members of council because of the arbitrary [illegible] in which the plan was introduced. It was made clear that at no time in the past did Student Council [illegible] for the adoption of such a plan and that no one …[illegible]…tell members of the faculty that the plan …[illegible]…that the plan had veen officially requested by the students.

The action of Student Council was restricted in a …[illegible]…in which the plan was put into effect. No measures were taken regarding the principle of the five year plan.

This step was the culmination of a series of protests against immediate introduction of the five year plan. Originally it had been proposed to make the Sophomore class subject to it. The attempt was abandoned, however, because of the strenuous protests of the Sophomores.

The Freshmen have often expressed their objection to being included under the plan. They have repeatedly come out, in their class meetings and through their representatives in council against the plan.