By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Wanted—Equity (Vol. 2, Issue 4)

We have already indicated the necessity for a dormitory committee which shall be representative of the several student organizations within the walls of the Yeshiva. We have pointed out that this is the only manner in which to secure the coordinated efforts of all student interests towards the improvement of the dormitory life.

It should have been clear, moreover, that we did not consider it sufficient that the committee repersent every class of student. The committee, as we stated explicitly, must be composed of members representing each of the active student organizations. If a concentrated effort is to be made to attain a dormitory life permeated with the spirit of Yeshiva and to encourage activities expressive of this spirit, it is necessary that all organizations directing student activities should attack the matter in a unified manner.

Our suggestions should have elicited a candid response from the S.O.Y. If they found the specific recommendations objectionable they should at least have been willing to consider other means of cooperation between the various student councils in attacking the dormitory problem.

Instead, the S.O.Y. officers, while expressing their willingness to cooperate with one of the other student organizations, have refused to consider the general principle of cooperation of all student organs which we have advanced. 

We consider this issue a serious one. Too long has the dormitory committee been inadequate. Too long has it lacked the confidence of the students.

The problems to be considered by the dormitory committee must once for all be adequately treated.

We shall insist upon a more suitable manner of dealing with dormitory affairs even if we must ignore the S.O.Y. dormitory committee entirely.