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To Pronounce Yeshiva Right Ask Speakers (Vol. 2, Issue 7)

Four new names were added to the conventional appellation of the Yeshiva last Sunday evening on the occasion of its Golden Jubilee. Borough President Lyons of the Bronx was the first to contribute to the store of appellatives when he expressed his high regard for the YESH-iva (antepenult accented) and regretted that the Yesh-IVE-a College had not chosen the Bronx for its location.

The Honorable Jeremiah T. Mahoney was the next to make his contributions of Yesh-I-va and She-hiva. Were it not for the constant reiteration of the name Yeshiva in its more familiar form by the radio announcer, one would have thought that the notables had conspired to discontinue the use of the original name of this worthy institution.

As it is, the analytical minds of the Yeshiva students have been hard put to discover the significance of this new tetrad. So far the most credible interpretation has been that this fourfold name of Yeshiva is a symbol of the mystical four groups of buildings which comprise Yeshiva College, the High School and Auditorium, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Library and the Physical Education ‘Building.

Such an interpretation is vigorously denied by some our more sagacious Talmudists. They point out that the long I doubles the value of the word and that six names must be considered rather than four. All calculations based upon the tetrad are as a consequence fallacious.

The problem promises to offer virgin soil for the speculations of some of our more original thinkers.