By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

The Shekel — A Duty (Vol. 2, Issue 7)

The future of the Palestinian Yishuv is hanging in the balance. Upon the recommendations of the royal commission investigating the recent disturbances, the British government will decide within a few months what policy to adopt with respect to Palestine.

The government will decide whether to allow Jewish immigration to continue unhindered or to curtail the existing quotas. It will determine whether or not the Yishuv shall continue its hitherto phenomenal growth. The possibility of the creation of a Jewish commonwealth in Palestine may, at least temporarily, be established or denied.

At a time when hundreds of thousands of Jews throughout. Europe are suffering. From physical, social and economic oppression we cannot stand by, idly and see them cut off from their last refuge. When the Yishuv is finally developing into the center of world Jewry we dare not remain passive when its growth is threatened.

We know how a British colonial policy is determined and must be ready to cope with its opportunism. It is no secret that the exigencies of British imperialism, not the objective conditions prevailing in Palestine, will be the final criteria. The decisive factor in affecting England’s attitude will be the pressure exerted by the opposing sides, not the justice of their claims.

World Jewry must therefore unite in backing those agencies which can represent it in dealing with the British government. We will not use the, unscrupulous methods of intimidation employed by the Arabs. We are not politically organized as are the several Arab states of the Levant which have wielded great influence in recent months. We are not accorded the diplomatic recognition granted to them. The chief power we possess must lie in the number of people actively supporting our cause.

It is consequently more important than ever that we respond to the Shekel campaign of the world Zionist organization and by buying our Shekolim become officially enrolled in its ranks. The present emergency makes it imperative that every one of us make his voice heard in the cause of Eretz Israel.

In spite of the fact that elections to the Zionist Congress will not be held this winter, and as a consequence the fundamental party issues which are usually the incentive to the purchase of a Shekel will have no influence, the number of Shekolim sold must exceed all previous records. Only in this manner can we lend power to the Zionist cause in its present fight for life.

It is the obligation of everyone who recognizes the gravity of this situation to purchase a Shekel. None may shirk this duty.