By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

The Institute Wakes Up (Vol. 2, Issue 4)

We wish to congratulate the new administration of the Teachers Institute Students’ Organization on the renaissance which has sprung up in that department, as clearly evidence by this year’s first issue of the Nir, and by the formation of a Student Court to meet the general discipline problem. 

Student activity in the college has adequately demonstrated to what extent an alive and interested student body can benefit, an institution, especially with the aid of a competent organ to assist in the crystallization and in the definite expression of popular opinion. And while the various activities and campaigns of the college have had their influence on the other departments of the institution, their response is but beginning to make itself felt. 

It has always been our opinion that there existed an urgent need for a student newspaper in the Teachers Institute which would serve as a constructive influence both curricularly and extra-curricularly. From the general appearance of the Nir, as well as its editorial comment, it is apparent that the days of its infancy are over, and for that reason we can now feel that the need for a Beth Medrash organ may soon be adequately filled.

The Teachers Institute unquestionably has a very definite and very important place to fill in the general structure of Yeshiva. With this in mind, we look forward to the regular appearance of a student paper which will stimulate and continue the present renaissance, in order to assure the progress and development of the Beth Midrash so that it may occupy its position in relation to the whole with a maximum of benefit to Yeshiva.