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Novel Party Idea Will Be Launched By Seniors Dec. 1 (Vol. 2, Issue 7)

The social and financial committees working jointly have decided to put into effect social affairs beginning next month to be sponsored by each class, which will mark the opening of social affairs in the college life to instill the spirit of friendship and more intimate relations among the students.

Each class will invite the entire student body to attend these affairs, first of which will be tendered by the senior class on Tuesday, December 1, in the dormitory social hall. An interesting program has been arranged to entertain and amuse the students. Humorous skits and plays will be presented by the members of the senior class. The highlight of the program will be a lecture by Dr. Solomon Liptzin, head of the Yeshiva College German department on the topic of “Humor in the Works of Literature.” Refreshments will also be served.

Other Classes Follow

Following up very closely to this affair, the freshmen will in turn contribute their share by running a social on Saturday evening, December 12. After this social, the sophomores and juniors will follow with their affairs on January 9 and February 9, respectively.

More of these socials in the latter part of next term, which have as yet not been scheduled, will be held. The price of admission to these affairs will be a figure corresponding to the date on which each is held. On December 1 the admission will be one cent and Dec. 12 it will be twelve cents.