By: Of The Hoi Polloi  | 

In the Editor’s Mail Box (Vol. 2, Issue 5)

To the Editor of the Commentator: 

Dear Sir:
A column in last week’s Commentator carried the news of the resignation of David Gordon from the editorship of the Masmid. 

The article, however, failed to say that his resignation followed in the wake of one of the rawest deals to a student of Yeshiva College. And the reader remained ignorant of the fact that as editor of the MAsmid, Gordon was deprived of his rightful seat in the Students’ Council and the executive committee because of personal grievances on the part of two members of the same committee, whereas the editor of the yet tentative “literary supplement to the Masmid” was seated in his strad and invited to the executive committee because of his more friendly relation with these same two committeemen. In face of such open persecution, the experienced Mr. Gordon had little choice but to resign. Whereupon the inexperienced editor of the “literary supplement to the Masmid” was appointed editor of the Masmid, and the executive committee was contented. 

Mr. Editor, in your capacity as head of a newspaper whose policies were always directed by the principles of “fair play” and “a square deal to all”, it becomes your duty to enlist all your energies to undo this wrong and to force this shameful incident to its just and logical end. For this is not merely a unique and isolated instance of the miscarriage of justice, but rather a typical product of our existing “clique politics”. 

Of the Hoi Polloi