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Gordon Resigns; Henkin to Head Masmid Annual (Vol. 2, Issue 4)

Due to the resignation of David Gordon ‘36, editor of the Masmid yearbook, the Executive Council has selected Louis Henkin ‘36 to fill his place. This selection will be subject to the approval of Student Council at its next meeting; Thursday, Nov. 5th. 

Louis Henkin is already the editor of the proposed literary supplement to the Masmid which will probably appear early in March. Henkin emphasized that the appearance of this supplement is contingent on the establishment of a firm financial status. “The money realized during the first few months will decided the future course of the Masmid,” he revealed. 

Plans Supplement 

Henkin plans to produce a literary supplement of fifty pages to include all articles of sufficient literary merit. The articles to be submitted may cover a wide range, the only qualifications being that they must be not more than 5,000 words in length and that they deal preferably with topics of Jewish interest. 

In contrast to the Masmid publications of former years, this new supplement will contain no ads, nor will it include pictures or articles about the faculty. There will be no extra charge for either the literary supplement or the yearbook.