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All Dorm Committees Abolished By Dr. Revel (Vol. 2, Issue 5)

No recognized dormitory committee exists in Yeshiva, Dr. Bernard Revel declared yesterday. According to the recently instituted system all dormitory affairs are to be controlled by Mr. Isadore Simon, dormitory supervisor, in whom full powers have been vested. 

Philip Tatz ‘36 was asked by Dr. Revel to assist in acquainting Mr. Simon with conditions in the dormitory during his first few months stay, it was learned from reliable sources. 

The announcement of the refusal to recognize any student committee came as a decided surprise to student leaders in the various departments. At its last meeting the Students Council of the college adopted a resolution calling for the creation of an inter-departmental dormitory committee, which would equally represent the four student organizations of the respective departments. 

Reject Offer 

The Student Council of the Teachers Institute, which had been invited to appoint delegates to an S.O.Y.-T.I. committee, rejected the offer and voted unanimously in favor of the creation of a committee which would equally represent all student organizations. 

The S.O.Y. also took action on the presumption that a student dormitory committee would exist and voted a minority representation to the Teachers Institute in its committee. At the same time it resolved to oppose any representation of the remaining two student organizations. 

Upon being questioned by a Commentator reporter, Mr. Simon emphasized that a group which could reflect student opinion on dormitory questions would be essential. In the event that no official dormitory committee exist, he will request the student body to form a group, as soon as the necessity for such a body first evidences itself, he declared. 

Physical requirements of the dormitory residents are being taken care of under the present system. Two rear back dormitory rooms in the quiet section of the second floor have been set aside for use as an infirmary and will be completely equipped in a few days. 

The health of the boys is further safeguarded by the attempt on the part of the dormitory supervisor to [illegible] all cases of illness reported immediately, as proper attention is in the early stages of the common maladies prevent serious complications. This work is being forwarded by a system of personal contacts. 

Special attention is also being paid to the condition of the rooms. Repairs are being made wherever necessary in order to promote the comfort of the room occupants. 

Mr. and Mrs. Simon have been serving tea to dormitory residents on Saturdays, both before services and during the afternoon. All students were invited to get together in Mr. Simon’s apartment sat that time. 

Plans for reducing laundry expenses by instituting “common bundles”, are being considered. 

Both Mr. and Mrs. Simon were very much satisfied with the cooperation they have received from the boys, and desired to emphasize that their attitude will be one of cooperation adn mutual understanding.