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Trupin Assumes Post as Coach of Varsity (Vol. 2, Issue 1)

In its first official act of the current school year Student Council made Yeshiva history by acquiring as coach of the basketball varsity Milton Trupin, former C.C.N.Y. star and all Eastern forward. The present arrangement with Mr. Trupin comes after years of work on the part of those interested in varsity sports to attempt to secure adequate and proper instruction for the college teams.

The hope was expressed by student athletes that the present action of Council would open the road for Yeshiva to assume a recognized position in intercollegiate sports. Already a change of spirit on the part of the student body was evident when some twenty-five undergraduates appeared at the first practice session last night for the biggest turnout in the history of the sport. 

Coach Trupin spent the first evening in work on fundamentals which included shooting form and passing technique in the fore and rear sectors. Emphasizing the offensive side of the game, Trupin said that he “could make a good defensive man out of any player in two weeks if he had a fair amount of speed and good common sense.” He pointed out, however, that a polished offensive requires weeks and weeks of practicing. 

The nucleus of this year’s five will be found in the four veterans of last year: Max Levy ’37, Norman Koldklang ’38; Isaiah (Sonny) Eisenberg ‘38, and Julius Mager '38. The opening event of the season, originally scheduled for November 5, has been postponed until the eighteenth in order to allow for the building up of the squad. Coach Trupin is scheduled to meet with the team three times a week. The schedule for next week will include Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. A number of preliminary, or exhibition, games are being arranged by Aaron Kaplan ’37, athletic manager. Most probably a game will be arranged between the Trupin club and the Yeshiva.

First contacted by President Ribner at Camp Mohegan during the summer, Mr. Trapin is peculiarly fitted for the position here. In addition to his experience as a stellar performer on the court, Trupin also has ten years of coaching experience to his credit, and his ability to manage men, as well as to transfer his intimate knowledge of the game to his proteges was clearly evident at the first practice session.