By: Dr. Bernard Revel  | 

President Revel Extends Greetings to Men of Incoming Freshman Class (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

To the Members of the Entering Class: 

My hearty welcome to you, members of the entering class, Few of you—if any— have come here for any other purpose than to delve deep into general and Jewish knowledge and to cultivate lasting and inspiring associations and friendships. 

An institution like Yeshiva College, still young and unique in its outlook and aims, is not what we your elders, the founders and faculty, wish it to be. We hope for true loyalty from you, consisting of intelligent recognition of, and sympathy with, the ideals and aims of the institution and sincere effort individually and collectively to contribute the best in you to their advancement and realization. In this way you are in a true [illegible] becoming partners in the work and future of Yeshiva College. 

Sound scholarship and [illegible] development of intellectual a spiritual integrity are the primary aims of the Y.C., worthy of its name. A faculty of creative scholarship and sound ideals of education are at your service, but you alone are to determine to what extent you shall truly and permanently benefit by their instruction and fellowship, during your college years. It is for you to resolve to what extent you are to experience the strength that comes with the mastery of the tools of knowledge and the joy of intimate contact with the accumulated wisdom of the ages, and the supreme figures of Israel. It is not my aim to volunteer advice, but may I not remind you that true and lasting progress is not along the line of least resistance, but we grow as we exert ourselves physically, morally and spiritually.

It is my sincere hope that our association will be mutually beneficial and that we will succeed in helping you develop mental curiosity, moral courage and spiritual vision.