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Mr. L. Simon Assumes Duties as Supervisor (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

The new dormitory supervisor, Mr. Isidore Simon, assumed hie official duties last week when he moved into his apartment on the fifth floor of the dormitory building. Already he has begun establishing personal contacts with the students residing in the dormitory.

In discussing some of his objectives, Mr. Simop declared that he is primarily interested in creating a congenial atmosphere. He hopes to make the dormitory a true home for the students rather than mere rooming house. Mrs. Simon and he intend to give the students the personal relationship with an advisor which the boys so greatly require.

Impressed, With Students

With regard to the students of Yeshiva College, Mr. Simon stated that he was favorably impressed. He indicated the activity of the dormitory committee in its attempt to regroup partners as an example of the devotion and sincerity of the students. This appeared to him to justify his hope for full cooperation from the student body. 

Mr. Simon has been very active in Jewish circles, especially in the Young Israel movement. He is long connected with the Yeshiva, having helped to propagate the idea of Yeshiva among the Jewish public.