By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Let’s Clean Up (Vol. 2, Issue 3)

It is extremely gratifying to see the maintenance staff finally making long-neglected repairs and catching up on the routine work in which it has been so backward all along. 

It demonstrates, at least, that the rut was not a very deep one and that indications are for prompt and efficient servicing of both school and dormitory buildings. 

During the past week, lights were checked and a number of break-neck danger spots were made safe. Similarly, some of the old sore spots about the building may be expected to get at last the attention they deserve.

But while the zeal lasts, we wish to call attention to the most important thing of all, which has been consistently neglected. The condition of the corridors and floors has been a constant source of complaint, but nothing has ever been done about it. This is a particularly painful matter, since the only factor involved is simply a little more effort. Excuses which might be in order in the case of more ambitious demands are beside the point here. No financial outlays are involved, so that there is no legitimate reason for the situation.

We don't like to talk about things like these any more than we have to. We would rather the need did not exist at all. But exist it does, to our regret. We hope it will not, by next Wednesday. That is up to the maintenance staff.