By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

In Retrospect (Vol. 2, Issue 1)

With this issue, the Commentator may be said to have grown up. The pioneers have passed, and we begin to assume some of the dignity that a successful past bequeaths.

As a result, our task this year will be easier than it was in the past. Unknown, looked upon with suspicion by the administration and with little more than idle curiosity by the students, it was not an enviable job to make the paper felt. But in a surprisingly short time the Commentator made an appreciable mark as a powerful student voice.

Much was done then, but a good deal remains to be accomplished. Jolting a school out of years of apathy and making it clear that the student must have a real part in the successful growth of an educational institution is more than the work of one year or two. It is a crusade that must be carried on unceasingly, if it is not to be so much wasted effort.

We therefore undertake to conduct our policies with these purposes in view. As an added step in this direction, it has been decided that the Commentator appear henceforth as a weekly. While this means added difficulties, we are confident that the Commentator’s expansion justifies them.