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Dormitory Committee Makes Radical Changes in Resident Groupings (Vol. 2, Issue 2)

A complete revision of the existing system of selection of room mates was announced to the residents of the Yeshiva dormitory between 10 and 11 p.m. last Sunday evening by the dormitory committee of the S.O.Y., to go into effect immediately, or as soon as the many complaints can be passed upon.

The general idea of the plan calls for the regrouping of room mates to effect the pairing, whenever possible, of students steeped in Yeshiva tradition with students who have not as yet absorbed the ideals of the institution. Thus, incoming residents would form with upperclassmen, who would be expected to instill in their room-mates an appreciation for the ideals and principles of Yeshiva. 

Draws Comment

The announcement of the plan, catching the student body unawares, drew a variety of comment, ranging from whole hearted approval on the part of committee members to vigorous and emphatic protest from many who would be directly affected by it. Despite the fact that the majority of the committee itself is in favor of the plan, the Commentator learned from reliable sources that the action was not unanimous, and that vigorous protests were to be found within the committee.

Legality Contested

Commentator also has it on reliable authority that the legality of the action of the dormitory committee was heatedly contested at an S.O.Y. meeting held Monday afternoon, where opponents of the idea mantained that the committee was entirely without its provinces in attempting to separate students arbitrarily. 

Indicative of the aroused sentiment over the question was the unusually large number of petitions by representatives of the committee and by members of the student body, for Commentator sanction and denunciation, respectively. 

The plan was scheduled to be administered by Hyman Friedman ‘34, chairman of the committee, but due to his unpreventable absence, Bernard Lander ‘36, president of the S.O.Y took charge. Members of the dormitory committee include Israel Klavan ‘37, Louis Satlow ‘37, and Isaac Rose ‘38. 

Non-Members Active 

However, other members of the student body were present at the meetings of the committee held on complaints to the plan, and took an active part in the examination of students who objected to committee decisions. Included in this group were Philip Tatz ‘36, Isidore Marine ‘36, and Herschel Revel ‘22. One member of this group declared he was present in an advisory capacity, while Tatz, in answer to a reporter’s question concerning his official position in the matter, said, “I don’t know.”