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Plan for United Front Proposed by Ludwig Lore (Vol. 1, Issue 17)

Before a large group of International Relations Club members who gathered in the Dormitory Social Hall on Wednesday evening, April 29, Ludwig Lore, the famous foreign correspondent of the New York Post urged a fight against fascism “through the combined political and economic strength of the people.”

Tracing the growth of fascism in various countries to the present day, Mr. Lore said, that is the most important question of the hour. The solution to the problem of curbing the rise of fascism lies with the people. “Just as the People’s Front in France and Spain defeated fascist groups, so can a United Front in America safeguard us against a fascist dictatorship,” Mr. Lore pointed out.

Emphasizing the fact that we must fight fascism in any form, Mr. Lore’ remarked that many Jews condemn only the fascism of the Nazi regime and do not oppose fascism in Italy. 

The only difference, the speaker pointed out, is that in Germany fascism is practiced in its most brutal form. But in Italy we must always remember, Lore insisted, that labor is entirely suppressed and liberal opinions ruthlessly eliminated. Mussolini, as far as the few are concerned, is merely a “nicer” fascist.

Lore traced the rise of fascism in Italy and Germany showing that in each case it was the last desperate attempt “of a small minority to oppress the masses for their own benefit.”