By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Judge Rosalsky (Vol. 1, Issue 18)

It is with deep sorrow and with the consciousness of a great loss that we note the passing of a distinguished and noble spirited honorary alumnus of Yeshiva College, Judge Otto A. Rosalsky. Few individuals have earned the profound, though silent, respect with which he inspired his fellow Jews.

As a member of the judiciary of New York, he was a faithful representative of the highest Jewish ideals of justice. His decisions always reflected the deep regard for law and the order of society which permeated the background from which he came. New York Jewry could indeed be proud of one who so ably carried its traditions.

But to yeshiva, Judge Rosalsy had an even closer significance. His sincere devotion to Orthodoxy and his supreme interest in the perpetuation of Torah Judaism brought him into participation in the work of supporting Yeshiva. His tireless efforts as a member of the building fund Committee and as a director of Yeshiva College were not mere acts of philanthropy, but were bred by a true appreciation of the ideals and the significance of Yeshiva. The loss of his inspired zeal in the cause of Torah is indeed irreparable.