By: For Some Derech Eretz  | 

In the Editor’s Mail Box (Vol. 1, Issue 17)

To the Editor of the Commentator:

Dear Sir:

Unfortunately, it seems that whenever an outside lecturer visits us there are conditions present to mar the occasion. I refer now specifically to the evening Ludwig Lore spoke. 

The social hall was not prepared at all by the buildings and grounds staff. For the broke lighting system I have been unable to think up an excuse. This is a condition which has been existing for many months and which has unquestionably detracted from the impressiveness of more than one gathering. 

Be that as it may, it was unquestionably out of place for one of our “efficient” utility men to be johnny-on-the-spot in the middle of the speech, at which time he marched up behind the speaker, set up his ladder with all the pomp and dignity working before an audience called for, and after a futile attempt to fix the light left. I have heard that it is puppies and rabbits, among other pets and domestic animals, which are preventing repairs from being made on time. 

Another condition: which is most annoying both to audience and speaker is the shortage of chairs, which, at practically every gathering, results in the most dignified appearance of:the upper classmen sitting on table-ends, and the lower classmen strolling about the room with the usual sound effects. What is the buildings and grounds staff for anyway? 

Last, but not least, in fact most disgusting of all, was the sight of one of the more dignified of our seniors, one who, charged with looking out for others, is supposedly a model himself, stretching himself out comfortably on a table and peacefully closing his eyes for a beauty nap. I will not touch upon his loose tie, open collar, and waving to someone when he got up for a while, I only mention to you the sight. It may be heresy, but I believe that if he were to have asked me, I might have gone so far as to have advised him either to miss Minyan the next morning or to go to sleep in beds.

Feeling confident that the student body need only reminded of this situation in order to remove it, l am