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Gabriel to be Editor of Commentator for Next Year; New Governing Board Chosen for Student Publication (Vol. 1, Issue 17)

Mordecai L. Gabriel '37, was elected editor-in-chief of the Commentator for the coming year at the last meeting of the present Governing Board held last night. Supporting him will be Eleazer Goldman ‘37, managing editor; Gersion Appel ‘38, news editor; Abe Novick ’37, sports editor; and Myron Saal ’38, business manager. Irving Elgart ’38, was appointed assistant business manager with Robert Marmorstein '38, circulation manager. 

Plans are being formed at present for the first annual banquet to be tendered the incoming Governing Board by the outgoing editors. The affair, which is expected to establish Yeshiva tradition, is to include a report by the editor-in-chief on the progress or regress of the preceding year and a presentation of the outlook for the future together with the problems which must be met. 

To be styled after the Gridiron Dinner, it will also include various skits and other forms of entertainment. Members of the Commentator Staff and specially invited guests will be the only ones privileged to attend the affair. The date for the dinner has not as yet been decided upon.

The Governing Board voted to retain control of the last two issues of the paper, the incoming board to take over decision of policies at the beginning of the year. This will allow the completion by the veteran group of any campaigns which may have been started earlier in the term. The board further amended the constitution to provide the editor-in-chief and managing editor must have attained senior standing, the news and sports editors and the business manager must have attained at least junior standing and the assistant business manager and the circulation manager, who are not members of the governing body, must be at least of sophomore rank.

In discussing plans for next year, Gabriel said that expansion would be the keynote. Plans for the organization and development of a pictorial service are being worked on at present, and it is expected that by the end of next year a morgue of some proportions will have been organized. Gabriel also expressed the hope that the Commentator might become a weekly next year. This would increase the value of the undergraduate organ in providing an adequate news service and would also allow the addition of several new departments and columns. 

Gabriel has been connected with the paper since a medium of student expression was first suggested in Student Council. He served on the committee which investigated the possibilities for an undergraduate organ, and soon after the Commentator began to function was appointed news editor. At present Gabriel is managing editor.