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Revision of Stipends Announced by Lander (Vol. 1, Issue 15)

A complete revision of stipend distribution is to be effected by the S.O.Y., according to a report submitted at the last meeting, held on Monday night. Instead of the doling out of stipends to students, as heretofore, stipend students will be given work in the institution and stipends will be regarded as compensation for these services.

According to the proposed plan, older students will be given jobs as tutors in Talmud and other subjects. The younger students will be employed in various parts of the Yeshiva, especially in the library, which is now undergoing reorganization. The number of hours of work a week will be proportional to the amount of stipend money the student receives. It is expected that the maximum work time to be required will be four hours per week. 

Sponsors of the measure pointed out that the present system of distributing stipends has had a detrimental influence on the morale of the student body. On the one hand the stigma of charity which was attached to the stipends was humiliating to the recipients. The other students on the other hand, resented what appeared to them as parasitism. Under the new system, however, stipends are tobe very similar to, the N.Y.A. 

The new system is expected to be put into effect immediately after Passover. A committee has been appointed by the S.O.Y. council to study suggestions or criticisms before the plan is put into effect.