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Lander Wins Election In S.O.Y. By Big Lead (Vol. 1, Issue 15)

By an overwhelming majority Bernard Lander ’36, became president of the S. O. Y. as he defeated Moshe Elephant ’35, in the second election held this semester. In a previous poll this term, which was voided because of technicalities, Lander ran unopposed. Elephant ran in that election for Gabbai and announced his candidacy for president in the present race only at the last moment. 

Questioned as to his program, Lander declared that he would devote his efforts to a revitalization of the S. O. Y. :

“The first step,” he said, “will be to increase the activity and the efficiency of the existing committees, especially the placement committee.”

“I hope also to broaden the activities of the organization in general. It must, above all, concern itself with the welfare of the individual Yeshiva student.”