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“Journey’s End” Given by Dramatic Society as Initial Production (Vol. 1, Issue 16)

Culminating a year’s efforts to establish dramatics as a functioning extra-curricular activity at Yeshiva, the presentation of “Journey’s End” by the Dramatic Society Tuesday night was acclaimed a definite success. In spite of unfavorable weather conditions, an audience of nearly 700 was present in the College Auditorium. 

Heading the cast of R.C. Sheriff’s war play was Wolfe Charney ‘37 as Stanhope. Lester Silverman ‘37 played the part of young Lieutenant Raleigh, and Harold Polikoff ‘39 interpreted the role of Hilbert. 

So well did the audience receive Polikoff’s portrayal of the emotional reactions of the coward trying to escape from the line of duty, that as he made his exit in the middle of a scene, a spontaneous burst of applause followed him. 

The comic relief was provided by Abraham Novick ‘37, portly cockney man of arms, and Aaron Kaplan ‘37, company chef, waiter, and bus boy. Waves of laughter rolled through the audience at such important questions of …[illegible]... as “onion tea”. Cutlet-cutle…[illegible]...disinfecting pepper took precedent over strategy of war. 

Boris Rabinowitz, as the middle-aged Osborne, brought out the human interest in the play in his dialogue scenes with the erratic stanhope, youthful commander of the company. 

Dramatic Ending 

The play ended in highly dramatic fashion amid the realistic sound effects of the attacking artillery synchronized with glaring flashes of gunfire visible through the opening in the trenches. Stanhope is preparing the defense for the big attack which has just started, when Raleigh, fresh from a brilliant achievement the day before, is brought in mortally wounded. The curtain falls as Stanhope is torn away from the deathbed of his former schoolmate to direct the defense against the by-now deafening attacks. 

The remainder of the cast included Saul Gorenstein ‘38, Boris Rabinowitz ‘37, Leo Solonche ‘37, Kalman Levitan ‘37, Rubin …[illegible]... ‘39, and Murray Lelbowitz ‘38. …[illegible]... Suffen, of WEVD directed the production. Kenneth F Damon acted as faculty advisor. 

Mordechai I. Gabriel ‘37…[illegible]... general stage…[illegible]... -ing Gabriel were Owen Seelig and Heral FRied ‘39 on lighting effects; Lester Silverman and Kalman Levitan on settings, and Levitan on properties. 

The publicity for the production, including posters, was arranged by Louis Cohen ‘37. Irving Elgart ‘38 acted as general business manager for the production. 

The success of the performance was evident by the crowd of students, faculty members, and friends and relatives of the cast who forced their way backstage in an effort to be among the first to congratulate the actors. 

In a special interview with a Commentator reporter immediately after the performance Mr. Suffen expressed his satisfaction with the way the cast haf shown their dramatic ability. He emphasized the unusual difficulties which the cast encountered in preparing for the production.

Boris Rabinowitz, president of the Dramatic Society, stated that plans for next year’s activities were already being formulated. They are understood to include the possible inclusion of two or three productions in an attempt to further expand this latest entry unto the fast-developing field of Yeshiva extra-curricular activities.