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Dr. Alexander Litman Promoted to Rank of Assistant Professor (Vol. 1, Issue 16)

Dr. Alexander Litman, of the philosophy department, has been promoted to the rank of assistant professor, it was officially announced yesterday by Dr. Bernard Revel, president of the faculty. lt was also announced that Jacob I. Hartstein has been appointed Registrar.

Professor Litman, who was voted as the most popular member of the faculty by the class of 35, has been associated with Yeshiva College since 1931.

He entered the University of Minnesota, where he held the Minneapolis Y.M.C.A., and the Deinard Scholarships. While attending this institution he defrayed his expenses by working at the Massabic Iron Range, and on a railroad track maintenance gang. After receiving his A.B. degree in 1924, he enrolled at Columbia University, where he received his doctorate degree in 1930. While at, Columbia he was awarded the Strock Fellowship in Semitics. 

Taught at Columbia

His teaching career was begun at Columbia U., where he assisted Professor J. H. Randall, Jr. He left Columbia to teach at L.I.U., but returned to Columbia to resume his position under Professor Randall the following year.

Professor Litman has contributed to various literary and scholarly journals including the Journal of Philosophy, and the American Scholar, and has written a scholarly volume entitled, “Cicero’s Doctrine of the Nature of Man.” During the past few years he has been prominent in various lecture series, including, those sponsored by the Central Y.M.H.A., Cooper Union, and the Ivriah. At present he is also a member of the C.C.N.Y. Philosophy Department.

Aside from his reputation as a profound scholar of philosophy, he is also known as a devoted student of Hebrew, having graduated from the Hebrew Gymnasium in Lemberg, the first institution of its type in Europe.

Jacob I. Hartstein received his A. B. degree at Yeshiva in 1932, his M.S. degree at C.C.N.Y. in 1933, his M.A. degree at Columbia in 1936, and is at. present a candidate for his Ph.D. degree at Columbia. 

Hartstein, who hitherto was acting registrar, was admitted to the Association of College Registrars during the past winter, and has figured actively in many of the innovations instituted at Yeshiva during the past year.