By: Yeshiva College Student Council  | 

Text of Council Resolution (Vol. 1, Issue 14)

WHEREAS, Dr. Shelley R. Safir, dean of Yeshiva College, has been charged with a total disregard for the religious ideals of the institution, and

WHEREAS, he has been charged with incompetence in fulfilling the office of dean, and

WHEREAS, he has been charged with a complete alienation of the confidence of the student body, and

WHEREAS, he has been charged with arrogant, unsympathetic, and moral actions entirely unbecoming the dean of Yeshiva College, and

WHEREAS, these charges, if substantiated, would prove that Dr. Shelley R. Safir is unfit for the office of dean of Yeshiva College,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that a committee be appointed to investigate the said charges and to embody its findings in a written report to be submitted to Student Council at its next session together with recommendations of the committee as to any further action to be taken by Student Council.