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Peter Wiernik Leaves Collection to Yeshiva and College Libraries (Vol. 1, Issue 13)

The entire library of the late Peter Wiernik, editor of the Jewish Morning Journal and member of the Board of Directors of the Yeshiva who died last month was turned over to the Yeshiva libraries this week.

The collection, which contains over 2,500 bound volumes and almost an number of unbound pamphlets, is especially rich in the section on American Jewish history and, in that on the Karaites. Of priceless value is a copy of the Jewish Encyclopedia, of which Mr. Wiernik was a contributing editor, corrected and brought up to date at the request of the publishers. The volumes are interleaved with old newspaper clippings and other memoranda.

The library contains English, Jewish, Hebrew, German, and Russian works. Present plans call for the college library to receive the majority of the English books, the Teachers Institute Library the modern Hebrew volumes, and the Yeshiva the bulk of the collection. The Wiernik collection will, according to Rabbi. Joseph Marcus, Yeshiva librarian, bring the Yeshiva library up to date in many respects. 

In addition to the books the institution has also received the desk and chair at which Mr. Wiernik worked for the last forty years, as well as his personal files. These are expected to form the nucleus of a Peter Wiernik collection. 

In accord with the expansion of the College library reference department, a new reference room has been granted by the administration. With the opening of the new room, adjoining the present quarters on the third floor of the main building, a new policy will be inaugurated. The reference room will be kept open evenings to accommodate dormitory students and reference books will be loaned out over night. According to Leo Judah Usdan, chief librarian, the room should be ready …[illegible]... two weeks.