By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Yeshiva Marches On! (Vol. 1, Issue 12)

On Tuesday, February 25, one of the most concerted and important campaigns in the history of the students of every department of Yeshiva will get under way. Its purpose will be to drastically improve the slovenly appearance the interior of the Yeshiva buildings present and to bring about greater attention to individual attire by the average student. 

Probably no other drive at the present moment could be more opportune than this one. The condition of the buildings and the attitude of the student body has reached the point where

it would be criminal to avoid the present emergency.

If the popular proverb holds true that clothes make the man, Yeshiva surely is working under a terrific handicap. Classrooms and halls are constantly littered with papers and trash while the presence of waste paper baskets is overlooked everywhere as if they were merely mirages.

The purpose of lockers has been universally forgotten as coats and hats are indiscriminately thrown on chairs in the rear of many classrooms. Equally as disturbing has been the consumption of lunches in the corridors and classrooms, resulting either in carelessly littering the floors or stuffing the desks with the remaining wrappers and bags.

But far more important is the total disregard many students have towards the sanctity of college property. Students who are most considerate in their respective homes find no compunction in defacing desks, walls, and other paraphernalia of the institution.

Add to this the sore neglect of many students in regard to their personal appearances, and the total picture that presents itself is truly a very sad one.

However, from every sane and rational point of view, there is absolutely no reason why the status quo cannot be uprooted and thrown to the winds, despite the cynicism of many a veteran student. 

It is toward this goal that the forthcoming campaign plans to dedicate itself. Furthermore, the authorities of every department of the institution have unanimously assured the campaign committee of their whole-hearted support.

Our final word, however, is addressed to the student body. We cannot impress on you too strongly the powerful energy and sincerity that will be mustered to make this campaign a success. The regulations promulgated by the campaign committee and the authorities will be announced in every class of the institution. Not half-hearted co-operation but the active participation by every member of the student body should and will be expected.

So as the coming Tuesday rolls around, let’s all join the ranks and start off in a concerted and irresistible attack on the most stultifying obstacle facing the institution today, couching our goal in the spirit of the slogan: Yeshiva Marches On!