By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Peter Wiernik (Vol. 1, Issue 12)

The passing of Peter Wiernik robs American Jewry of one of its most outstanding figures, and Yeshiva of one of its truest and staunchest friends. 

Peter Wiernik’s life was marked by those qualities. of courage and steadfastness, of ability and determination that enabled him to rise from his first job as an immigrant laborer to the position of esteem he occupied in later years. His contributions to American Jewish life were manifold. As editor-in-chief of one the largest Jewish dailies in America, the late Mr. Wiernik was in a commanding position to mold and influence Jewish thought in this country. His several works in Jewish history bear eloquent tribute to his scholarship.

We shall best remember him, however, as one of our most sincere and devoted friends. Despite the continual demand on his time exercised by the nature of his position, he was actively interested for many years in the growth and development of Yeshiva. As a member of the Board of Directors of Yeshiva he contributed invaluable service to the institution. The editorial and news columns of his newspaper were continually seeking to impress on American Jewry the importance of Yeshiva in the general scheme of American Jewish life and the absolute necessity of its widest support by all Jewish groups in the land. The fact that Yeshiva was able to stem the bitter tide of depression that threatened for so many years to destroy its very existence is in no small measure due to the passionate sincerity and effectiveness with which. Peter Wiernik pleaded its cause through the medium of his Morning Journal.

Our debt to Peter Wiernik must always remain a tremendous one; his memory will long be borne in the hearts of the students of this institution.