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Drive for Cleanliness Launched at Assembly (Vol. 1, Issue 12)

The opening of a powerful campaign to remedy the deplorable appearance of Yeshiva College corridors and classrooms was announced by Morris Dembowitz '36, president of the Students’ Council, at the first assembly of the spring term held Tuesday. Dembowitz appealed for the cooperation of the student body in one of the most all inclusive campaigns ever launched within Yeshiva walls. The authorities of the College, the high school, the Teachers Institute, and Yeshiva have all assured the student president of their willingness to lend official sanction to any action to be taken. 

The tentative plans for the campaign, which will open officially next Tuesday, call for a committee of high school students and college undergraduates to assist in arousing in the student body a sense of responsibility for the appearance of the college buildings. Each corridor will be furnished with waste receptacles to facilitate keeping them clean and sanitary.

Must Use Lockers

Strict regulations with respect to the common practice of leaving overcoats in class rooms, in the synagogue, and in the auditorium will be enforced. Students will be urged to make use of the lockers if they wish to avoid embarrassing results. The hope was expressed by Dembowitz that the new locker room in the college basement will soon be ready for us.

Eating in any of the class rooms, he added, will be strictly prohibited, in view of the fact that cafeteria facilities are entirely adequate, and the mess resulting from this practice is obnoxious.

In line with the campaign for cleanliness around the building, a drive for greater personal neatness was announced. Students will be required to attend class in both the high school and the college with skull caps, and those students with hats will be suspended from classes and credited with absences. By personal contact, the committee also intends to check up on haircuts, shaves, and the like.

Dembowitz pointed out that this campaign aims to eradicate from Yeshiva one of its weakest points and greatest drawbacks.  At the outset of the meeting, Dembowitz officially welcomed the January to September Class of 1936 in his own capacity and also as the representative of Dean Safir who was-unable to attend. A Faculty-Freshman smoker was announced as scheduled for Sunday, March 1.