By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Every Book Counts (Vol. 2, Issue 12)

Aided immeasurably by the new facilities provided it, the Library is growing at an unprecedented rate. With room for expansion assured, it is now only a matter of time before the specialized collections so direly needed by students can be acquired and put at their disposal.

It is hard to isolate those to whom credit is due with respect to library work done in the past few weeks. Several members of the faculty have distinguished themselves in this regard, and the usual student interest, which has put the library at its present level, has of late been greatly intensified.

A note of disappointment must, however, enter the picture. In spite of all advances made, some of the collections are painfully small. Mention could be made of any number of fields, outstanding among them the English literature group, which is still deplorably inadequate.

There is no substantial reason for this condition to prevail very long. While it is true that actual purchase of new volumes is a highly difficult matter for the library, that has never been the way the library grew.

The expansion of the library has always been achieved largely through gifts. Some faculty men have been most generous in this respect. So have undergraduates and alumni.

But what of those untapped sources yet among us? We still have members of the faculty and of the student body who are apathetic to the library.

Having books on hand and extensive libraries of their own, they are content to let other instructors and students do the work.

It is to them that we turn. An opportunity is here for performing a distinct service to the college. We hope they seize it.