By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

At the Crossroads (Vol. 1, Issue 11)

Reports have reached us that the appointment of a new chief librarian to take the place of Dr. Ganz may be expected momentarily. Particularly to the student body will this appointment be a crucial one, for on it will depend the amalgamation of the college library with the larger Yeshiva library.

The college library was first founded by the student body because of the flagrant inefficiency of the official institutional library. Since then, only four years ago, the college library, managed and

financed solely by the student body, has grown into a model unit, boasting of over, two thousand volumes in circulation. Fifteen hundred additional books are in the process of being catalogued, while the total replacement value is now well over six thousand dollars.

Amazing as has been the college library development under student management, the more voluminous and spacious Yeshiva library has remained in practically the same inefficient and unsystematized condition. Even so, the twenty-five thousand volumes which fill its shelves are judged by competent observers to constitute the finest collection of rabbinical literature in the world. 

With the amalgamation of the college library and the long awaited systemization of the Yeshiva library all dependent on the new appointment, the responsi …[illegible]... a strategic choice is a grave …[illegible]... -lizing all that is involved, we …[illegible]... warn the Administration too …[illegible]...against again committing the fa …[illegible]... of the past seven years in appo…[illegible]... scholar as a librarian.