By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

A Ray of Light (Vol. 1, Issue 11)

We wish to congratulate the editorial staff of the Kochav Mazhir on its publication of the first issue of this new bi-weekly. Dedicated mainly to Talmudic treatises by students of the Yeshiva, the three page pamphlet was very well received by the student body.

That an intermediate class should take the initiative to inaugurate this precedent is the most encouraging sign we have noticed in the S.O.Y. for the last few years. Although once a well-knit and powerful student body, the S.O.Y. has fast degenerated in the past few years. Its pace has been as speedy towards disintegration as has been the phenomenal growth of energy into constructive activity in the undergraduate body of the college. 

The seriousness of the present situation in the Yeshiva cannot be overemphasized. Abuses and problems that should easily be solved by an active student body have been allowed to remain dormant. The net reaction has been a remarkable deterioration of the morale of the whole Yeshiva department, a most lamentable development from every angle. That life comes from the younger elements of the Yeshiva is to us, therefore, a most inspiring and hopeful sign. 

We earnestly hope that the Kochav Mazhir will continue to grow, developing with it a strong and sane editorial policy, fully cognizant of the responsibilities and potentialities of its role as a powerfully constructive force in Yeshiva affairs.