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Yeshiva Class Will Publish Bi-Weekly; Poupko Editor (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

The officers of Rabbi Shufenthal's class consisting of Mordecai Rosch ’38, president and Bernard Poupko ’39 vice president, have undertaken for the first time in the history of the Yeshiva to issue a bi-weekly publication to be known as the “Kochov Ha’Mazheer.”

The idea of issuing this publication was inaugrated thru the initiative of Bernard Poupko '39 vice president, who was unanimously elected by the class to act as editor in chief of this pamphlet.

Mr. Poupko has already chosen his staff that will take charge of issuing the publication. The staff consists of Bernard Poupko ’39, editor in chief, Moses I. Feuerstein 36, Zach Gellinan ’39, Bernard Gershuny, and Frank Shonfeld ’39.