By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Where There’s a Will (Vol. 1, Issue 10)

The amazing success of the newly formed Curriculum Committee in obtaining every important course requested by the student body for next term has set a record for quick and effective action in this institution. While this singular accomplishment was due in a large part, no doubt, to an eventual desire on the part of the Administration to co-operate, the decisive stand of the student body as reflected in the action of Student Council was, we feel a most determining factor in bringing this issue to a happy ending.

This remarkable feat should constantly serve as an inspiring example to the student body of the potentialities of its role in institutional affairs. While we naturally do not intend this as a spur to quick and hasty action by Student Council, we do wish to emphasize that once a decision, of policy or action has been reached after due consideration, its fulfillment should be sought with determination, never to be relinquished until its efficacy or validity has been conclusively disproven. 

An old adage says that he who is positive is a fool. Student Council must guard against immature obstinacy. But of far greater importance should be “its role of sincerity, firmness of conviction, and strength of character in the pursuit of its objectives.

We commend the Administration for having eventually recognized these latter qualities in the Curriculum Committee and for having facilitated their realization. The Commentator, once more, looks forward to a new era of sympathy and understanding between the Administration and Student Council, combined with a mutual recognition of the prerogatives of both.