By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Text Book Aid (Vol. 1, Issue 10)

A text book aid association is, at present, in the process of formation. Its purpose will be to fulfill the need for free books for those students unable to buy them. Only a ridiculously low fee will be charged and the books will be given out for the period of a semester. 

With this realization, we issue an urgent appeal to every student, in conjunction with the chairman of the association, to generously donate all those text books used in previous semesters and which are no longer necessary for classwork. 

As students, we fully understand that the parting of book and student is a difficult one, if not for sentimental and scholarly reasons, at least because of the souvenir of that initial investment.

But the sacrifice is well worth its while. Every book will have the name of its donor inscribed, and in future years when the association has grown to gargantuan heights the sight of the books donated with our names and the date inscribed will be a joy to us, as portly alumni, far overshadowing any present pecuniary inconvenience.