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Student Court Is Established; Tribunal Is Given Wide Jurisdiction (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

With the recent institution of the Student Court, an important step has been taken in the settling of dormitory problems, according to Louis Engelberg ‘32, chairman of the committee of judges. The purpose of the court, Mr. Engelberg emphasized, was to cooperate with the student body in eliminating existing difficulties, rather than to act as a punitive body. 

The court has been granted full jurisdiction over any infractions of the dormitory regulations, which were drawn up by it, as well as over all matters affecting the general welfare of the dormitory residents. If occasion arises, the court will make use of a parole system which provides for the placing of a student under the constant surveillance of a roommate appointed by the court. 

In more serious …[illegible]... the court may exercise …[illegible]... to expel a student from the dormitory. It was announced that this penalty would …[illegible]... conviction on charges …[illegible]... from minyan.