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Plan Additions to Curriculum for Next Year (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

The curriculum for the Spring Term, 1936, will be, aside from some minor changes, in the main similar to that of the present semester, Registrar Jacob I. Hartstein disclosed this week. 

Though all arrangements have not as yet been concluded the major lines which the curriculum will follow may already be discerned. An addition to the Education Department will be the course in Methods of Teaching, to be offered for the first time to fill a requirement for secondary school instruction. Embryology will be offered to science students, provided that difficulty in the matter of scheduling class meetings can be overcome. 

It is confidently expected that Professor Charles Horne of the English Department will return to active teaching duty in February, to give an elective course in Literature to Juniors and Seniors. Dr. Abel, of the Department of Social Science, will offer a more advanced course in Sociology, while Dr. Bruno Burn, Instructor in Economics, is expected to teach a course in Current Economic Problems.

Plans have not yet been completed for the Department of Philosophy, since Dr. Bidney, of Toronto, is not expected in New York until January 15. It is not as yet known whether Principles of Logic and Political and Social Philosophy will be offered by Dr. Litman in the Spring Term. 

The Registrar requests that those groups who desire new or special courses communicate with him in the near future, in order that schedules and curricula may be drawn up to coincide to as great a degree as possible with student needs.