By: Alfred Kolatch  | 

In the Editor's Mail Box (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

To the Editor of the Commentator:

Dear Sir: 

It seems that the athletic manager of the school has endowed himself with dictatorial powers. He has appointed an athletic board of his own and has completely ignored the voice of the students who have elected class athletic managers. Why aren’t the class athletic managers. consulted when an intra-mural game is drawn up? All the power is placed in the hands of a member of the athletic board who does not ask any one as to whether the fates for intra-mural games are convenient. 

Inasmuch as the various athletic managers are elected by the students of each class, I think that they should constitute the athletic board, especially pertaining to intra-mural games, where each athletic manager should have a voice as to the time, date and place of each game. 


Athletic Manager, Junior Class.