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Employment Bureau Starts Year’s Work (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

Despite the fact that its members were first appointed last week, and that it has as yet not received any co-operation whatsoever from the student body, the Employment Bureau has been successful in securing several excellent positions for various students, according to Gershon J. Feigon ’36, Chairman of the Employment Bureau. 

Feigon declared that he was disappointed in the utter lack of co-operation shown by the students, and that only when a notice is on the bulletin boards that a position is open, does he receive a response from the students.

"We are at. present contacting the: Post-Office and hope to place some students as helpers during the coming, Christmas rush”, Feigon revealed, when asked as to his other plans. 

The bureau to date, he asserted, has distributed some half a dozen jobs, including two permanents tutoring positions in Mathematics. At the end of this week he plans to have ten more jobs open, for those students who have the ability to sell; salesmanship experience will not be necessary. 

In reply to a query as to his stand on the current plan which points to a merger of the S.O.Y. and College Employment Bureaus in order to avoid duplication of effort, Feigon said that he believed a merger would improve the bureau’s service. The student councils of the departments are at present considering this matter. 

This Bureau consists of Gershon Feigon ‘36, Chairman, David Petergorsky, ‘36, and Av Greenberg ‘36 (tentative).