By: Abe Novick  | 

Druggists Dope Yeshiva (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

In a fast and thrilling basketball contest Brooklyn College of Pharmacy defeated Yeshiva College last Wednesday on the former’s court. Despite the runaway score, 45-24, the game was just sizzling with rough and exciting plays.

Without taking any credit away from Pharmacy, the decisive defeat was really due to the lack of cooperation among the members of the Y.C. team. Levy and Krieger dominated the play throughout, permitting the rest of the team to remain idle during the better part of the game. 

Mager Stars 

A feature of the game was Mager’s beautiful passwork and guarding. The “giant” of the team was actually a thorn in the sides of the enemy players, for he penetrated time and time again into enemy territory and broke up the ensuing plays.

The first half was a complete runaway for Brooklyn. The playing of Schneid and Weber of the home team was responsible for the rolling up of an imposing score in no time. Brooklyn had scored four rapid goals in succession before Yeshiva entered into the scoring column. 

Muss, picking up the ball near his own goal, dribbling to the center of the court where he passed to Mager, standing near the sidelines. The little man rifled a pass to Levy, who, on pivoting, slipped the ball to Aronoff under the basket, the latter neatly scoring with Yeshiva’s first two points. 

Krieger followed with a beautiful shot from the center of the court, the ball arching over the heads of the players and dropping into the basket for another. goal. The druggists put on pressure, and despite the efforts of Yeshiva, continued to widen the score between the two teams, the half ending 28-10.

Third Quarter Rally 

The third quarter saw a letdown in the hot pace set in Brooklyn, and marked the only part of the game that was dominated by Yeshiva play. Levy, breaking up a Pharmacy play near his own goal, grabbed the ball and, dribbling down the length of the field, tallied on 2 back hand shot. Friedberg and Krieger followed with goals before the medicine men were able to score. Pharmacy ran away with the fourth quarter, the game ending 45-24.

High scorers of the evening were Selwyn and Schneid of Brooklyn Pharmacy, and Krieger of Yeshiva, with nine points apiece.