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Council Opposes New Philosophy Expansion (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

Taking a definite stand in the controversy concerning the expansion of college courses, Student Council, as its last session, passed a sharp resolution which “strongly objected to the induction of a new instructor in the Department of Philosophy for the reasons expressed to that effect in the third issue of Vol. II of the Commentator”.

It further “instructed” the Curriculum Committee together with a member of the Executive, to register this unanimous objection with the Administration, “to insist in the name of Student Council that those courses requested by the student body be offered first”, and that all future additions to the college curriculum should be in those fields desired by various groups of the student body. 

Student Council was particularly incensed at the recent addition to the Philosophy Department because other courses considered vital for future academic work had been refused to the student body at the beginning of this term. The reason then given was that the institution could, under no circumstances engage in any expansion because of financial reasons.

A Sanitation Committee was appointed by Morris Dembowitz ’36, President of Student Council, because of the many complaints received concerning the condition of the college and dormitory buildings. For the present, the committee will consist of Louis Muss ’36, Vice President of Student Council, and Isaiah Eisenberg ’38.

All complaints will be immediately investigated, and if substantiated, will be reported to the proper authorities for action. “A particular objective of the Sanitation Committee will be to see that the buildings are properly heated at all times,” Morris Dembowitz announced after the meeting. “Protestations of an insufficient supply of coal are inexcusable, especially since they have proved to be in the past constantly due to bad management rather than financial troubles,” he continued.