By: The Commentator Editorial Board  | 

Awaiting a Decision (Vol. 1, Issue 9)

One of the newest additions to the realm. of student government in Yeshiva has been the establishment of the Student Court. Organized at first for trying students for minor infractions of dormitory rules, it tremendously enhanced its prestige in recent weeks by the trial of a major case involving violations which had been hitherto regarded as solely within the jurisdiction of the Administration.

If the mere trial of this particular case raised the Student Court’s prestige, its final decision, arrived at after hours of discussion, definitély earned the respect and confidence ‘of the student body. The Student Court is to be wholeheartedly congratulated on its fair and unbiased trial and for its singular success in getting the Administration to abide by its sane and liberal decision. None realized more than the few who objected to the final ruling o the Court as too sever, that the lot of the defendants would have been immeasurably worse had the case been judged solely by the Administration as in the past. 

At present, however, a …[illegible]... Student Court is pending …[illegible]... of complaints concerning the traditional prerogatives of student dormitory supervisors. The nature of these objections have been fully explained to the Court in a formal hearing. The fact that resident dormitory students are righteously incensed at past tactics and are earnestly desirous of limitations on such prerogatives was made clear at the same time to the members of the bench.

Their official decision is expected shortly. We have every reason to hope that Student Court will enhance its prestige even further in the eyes of the student body by firmly ruling on the merits of the objections, thus finally eradicating one of the most obnoxious traditions in Yeshiva history.