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Student Mobilization for Peace Scheduled at Yeshiva on Monday; Dr. Revel and Faculty to Speak (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

A mass demonstration against war by the students and faculties of Yeshiva College, the Yeshiva, Teachers’ Institute and the Talmudical Academy — the first of its kind in the history of the institution will take place on Monday in the Yeshiva College auditorium at 11 A.M.

Permission for the demonstration, which is in accordance with the nation-wide mobilization of all colleges for peace, was granted last night by the administration. 

Dr. Bernard Revel has officially given his endorsement and has promised the support of the entire faculty and administration for the peace meeting, a spokesman for the administration disclosed.

After a special meeting of the executive committee of Student Councilcalled for this purpose, Morris Dembowitz ‘36, president of Council, announced that the full cooperation of all extra-curricular organizations will be thrown behind the movement to ensure its success. 

Executive members of the Students’ Organization of the Yeshiva, the Teachers’ Institute and the administration o the high school unofficially assured Dembowitz, who is in charge of the student committee on arrangements of the college, of the active participation of their respective student bodies. 

According to tentative plans, the faculty members addressing the mass demonstration will include Dr. Revel, president of the faculty, Dr. Leo Jung, Professor of Ethics, and Rabbi H. Lookstein, Professor of Homiletics. 

Editors Will Speak 

Morris Demowitz, Moses I. Feuerstein ‘36, Editor of The Commentator and Simon Noveck ‘36, Editor of the Masmid, will speak in the name of the Yeshiva College student body. There will be speakers to represent the S.O.Y., the Teachers’ Institute and the Talmudical Academy student bodies. As we go to press David W. Petergorsky ‘35, is the only speaker definitely appointed to represent the S.O.Y.

Although the greatest mobilization of student forces against war in the history of this country will take place tomorrow at 11 A.M., circumstances have made it impossible for Yeshiva to hold its demonstration before Monday. The fact that 11 A.M. has been fixed as the time for Yeshiva’s demonstration will serve to unite Yeshiva with the simultaneous demonstrations sponsored by the student and faculty groups all over the country, which will take place at the same hour tomorrow.