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Student Meeting Hears Dembowitz Give Plans For Coming Semester (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

The establishment of a Students’ Text Book Loan Association was promised by Morris Dembowitz, president of the Yeshiva College Student Council, at an assembly held last Monday

afternoon while outlining for the student body the various facilities offered by Yeshiva College to its undergraduates. The Loan Association will acquire a stock of text books from upper classmen and will loan these out by the term for a nominal fee.

The Loan Fund has been reorganized this year with a capital of $100 and will make loans to undergraduates’ to the extent of $5. Hyman Aronoff ‘36, chairman of the fund, will arrange loans to students of the Teachers’ Institute, and Eliezer Goldman ‘37 will take care of the Yeshiva students.

Free tickets to various events throughout the city will be available through Marvin Hurewitz ‘36, who is in charge of the Concert Bureau. Student cards for theatre ticket discounts are also procurable through the Concert Bureau. 

The Employment Bureau, tentatively headed by Gershon J. Feigon ’36, will attempt to place students in as many positions as possible. The student body was requested to cooperate with the bureau in establishing contacts with prospective employers.