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SOY Imperiled, Katz Declares (Vol. 1, Issue 8)

The S.OY. is in serious danger of being abolished, accord‘ing to Leon Katz ’37, recently elected president of the organization: Mr. Katz stated that unless an appreciable change of attitude on the part of the student body towards the S.O.Y would be evident soon, the organization would be forced out of existence.

Mr. Katz, who originally refused to run because he felt that in a critical period such as the S.O.Y. is passing through at present, a president was needed who could devote his entire time and energy to the organization, finally consented to run only at the request of Dr. Revel.

As president of the S.O.Y. two years ago, Mr. Katz succeeded in arranging a variety of extra curricular activities including a theatre benefit. However, Mr. Katz said, “I cannot promise any extra-curricular activity before I get the fullest extent of cooperation from the entire student body.”

Elected with Mr. Katz were Hyman, R. Friedman ’35, vice-president; Louis Werfel 37, secretary; Nathan Taragin ’36, Dining Room Manager; and Hyman Bloom ’38, C.C.N.Y., editor of Hedenu.