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Senior Yeshiva Students Organize Vaad Hapilpul (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Feeling the lack of the true conception of Limud Ha-Torah within the Yeshiva, a group of Senior Yeshiva students have met and organized the Vaad Hapilpul organization of Yeshiva College. 

As outlined by Leon Katz, ‘36, president-elect of the new college extra-curricular activity, the aim of the Vaad Hapilpul is to stimulate the true spirit of Talmudic understanding and to enable the development of origins thinking in Talmud among the Yeshiva students. 

Each member of the organization entering as a charter member of the Vaad, pledged to deliver a Pilpul at regular intervals stipulated by the group. The officers-elect are: Rabbi A. Zimmerman, Hon. President; Mr. Leo Katz ‘37, President; Mr. Meyer Karlin ‘37, Vice-President; Mr. A., Siev ‘37, Secretary; Mr. Nathan Taragin ‘36, Corresponding Secretary. 

The first lecture was given by Mr. Meyer Karlin on October 31. The next will be expounded by Mr. M. Iserowitz ‘36, C.C.N.Y., on Thursday, November 7.