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Plan Extension Courses Under Auspices of Y.I. (Vol. 1, Issue 7)

Yeshiva College has recently completed plans to institute extension courses throughout the city under the auspices of the Young Israel Organization of America, it was announced yesterday at, the college office. The courses will deal with subjects of Jewish interest and they will be under the guidance of the Advisory Committee, led by Dr. Bernard Revel and Dr. Pinchus


Four courses in varied fields will be offered at four centers in the city. This arrangement will make it possible for students from. the entire city to benefit from these newly instituted classes.

The classes will include courses in Hebrew Language and Composition, Jewish Customs and Ceremonies, An Introduction to Jewish History, and Bible and Commentaries. 

An assembly for all those registered will be held each month, presenting programs; both cultural and entertaining. They will include Jewish. folk songs, Jewish Music, and discourses by prominent leaders of Jewish thought on Zionism, Current Jewish Problems, and Current Movements in Jewish Life. The first assembly of the semester will be held on Nov. 24. The principal speaker will be Dr. David I. Macht, of Yeshiva College. 

The heads of the various divisions are men well known in their particular field: Dr. Pinchus Churgin, head of the History department, Rabbi David S. Stern, head of the department of Bible and Commentaries, Rabbi Joseph H. Lookstein, head of the department of Customs and Ceremonies, and Mr. Kalman Whiteman, head of the Hebrew Language and Composition department. 

The courses will be given at Young Israel headquarters of Boro Park, Young Israel of Eastern Parkway, Young Israel of Manhattan, and Young Israel of Claremont Parkway.